You cannot remove uncertainty from your life.

You can plan around it, mitigate against some of its biggest risks, and at times even enjoy it. But you can never escape it.

Embrace uncertainty as a surprisingly stable foundation. If you don’t expect some change, you’ll build a life that will crumble when you try to reach your goals.

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If you’re tossed in a pool, thrashing wildly is the worst thing you can do. But if it’s never happened before, how would you know better?

You can learn to tread water. A coordinated effort between your limbs will keep your head in the air. Erratic motions make you sink.

How many psychiatrists does it take to change a lightbulb?

It’s a dumb joke, and I’ll let you suffer through it. But first, let’s talk about relationships.

Every relationship is more than just two people. There is an unspoken middle ground called the relationship system, a constantly evolving construct defined…

Time, energy, and attention are finite. Doing something is a decision not to do something else.

You may be stretched too thin to reach all your goals.

Try doing less. You can choose to be just “good enough” at most tasks so that you can be exceptional at the one or two things that really matter.

There’s no honor in busyness. Choose to be great instead.

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I had a minor setback in September. I applied for a competitive virtual reality training program and I wasn’t accepted. I had worked hard on the application, but it wasn’t enough. Setting aside the very real emotions of failure–something I allowed myself to feel deeply–what can I do next?


Best-selling author Jim Collins famously coined the phrase “big, hairy, audacious goals.” Goals of this type are bold, important, and unexpected. They channel our vision; inspiring change in us and the people we serve.

For example: instead of saying “I’m going to learn a new recipe,” a big, hairy, audacious…

Jeff Clark

Board Certified Psychiatrist. Mental Health Advocate. Software Developer.

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